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Mothers & More - SW Cleveland Chapter #17

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Whether you are at home full-time, working full-time, or somewhere in-between, the southwest Mothers and More chapter can offer you support in navigating the transitions that motherhood brings!
What We Have to Offer:

For Your Child/Children:

- Playgroups once / week; hosted by the playgroup members
- Kids activities at least once / month, including playgrounds, pools, the zoo, Krispy Kreme Donuts, Memphis Kiddie Park, apple picking and more
- Holiday parties and summer picnics for the family

For YOU:

- Meetings to hear speakers on informational topics (such as a librarian discuss "best reads" for children of all ages) OR to engage in discussions with other moms like you (such as getting ideas on discipline)
- Mom's Night Out activities for "Moms" only -- see a movie, actually eat your dinner without getting up, play adult-level games, etc.
- Book club once/month
- Playgroups (hey, it's for moms, too!)
And more....